Africa Bound

We’ll be using this site to post our travel information as we make our way to South Africa and beyond. The site itself is a little rough around the edges but should smooth out a little bit as we check back in and make some changes. If you want to follow along on any part of our trip please feel free. You can ask to be advised of updates automatically by checking the boxes on to the right. Don’t hesitate to make comments ask questions etc by clicking on “make a comment” at the bottom of each post.

To follow the trip, hover your mouse over the TRIP BLOG tab and select the day you want to read about from the drop down menu.

UPDATE: Pictures are starting to come on- line.

Alan & Claire.

About Alan Barnett

Blogging for good. Just not very. C.B.O. of gabaway productions.
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3 Responses to Africa Bound

  1. Linda says:

    Hey, big brother, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you are having a swell time, hope the natives are treating you well, xo

  2. name w/d to protect the innocent says:

    omg-I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to say Happy Birthday and assure you once again that you will always be older than me!

    • Alan Barnett says:

      Not so fast. When you’ve crossed over the international date line, I don’t think a birthday actually counts. That would actually make you older than me now by several months.

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