Heading to Europe

Claire and I are on our way to Portugal and on to France. It looks like a pretty diverse trip. We hope to post from time to time.  So if you have really nothing better to do, you might want to look in once a week or so for the next 5 weeks.

This site organization is a little ragged. As usual it was left to the last minute for organizing and have run out of time. We’ll try to make up with the content.

About Alan Barnett

Blogging for good. Just not very. C.B.O. of gabaway productions.
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5 Responses to Heading to Europe

  1. Betty Dever says:

    Have a great trip!

  2. Debi Karrel says:

    Hi, we made it to TO, just another 4 hours and we are on our way, see you tomorrow.

    • Alan Barnett says:

      Actually, it appears that you won’t. Just got an email from our national carrier that a flight that has been booked for over six months got cancelled; 5 hours before flight time. I’m on wait….for it… hold as I type. Apparently my business is so important to them that they want to hear their entire Muzak library. They hinted that they might do us a favour and get us in a day later. Stay tuned. Oh wait…. Hang on……….. Be right back.. OK we now arrive on Tuesday at 11:05 AC1916. So see you at the hotel sometime on Tuesday. Don’t get lost.

  3. Linda says:

    Have a great trip, Alan and Claire, hope you don’t get sick of travelling or sick while travelling. Have fun , be safe!

  4. Colleen and David says:

    Bon voyage, or flight (whatever), have a great time!

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