South Africa Reprise

We’ve left Zambia and headed back to South Africa. You can check out the posts regarding Zambia in the trip blog at

Should have Kruger Safariing posted by Friday night and the last leg done this weekend. Looking forward to getting home.

Tim's on safari

Tim’s on safari

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  1. says:

    Alan/Clare – all the time you were in Africa we didn’t get any of this news but have it now. I guess it is better late than not at all. Glad that you are back in Halifax -safe & sound. So know you didn’t get run over by a heard of elephants. When are you coming to Florida. Maybe you can stop in on your way through. We would love to have you & would stay home of we know when you are coming. All is well here. Dean has started to play golf. It has been really warm – perfect weather for golf. We have been over to Wildwood a few times. Deb & Bob will soon be heading back to NS. Mary will be with Brent & Marilyn over the holidays . I think she will be there for almost three weeks.

    Take cate.

    Love, Dean & Betty

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