This isn’t really about Portugal. I’ll get to Portugal, eventually. This is a thinly veiled rant about Air Canada. I know stories of troubles with airlines are a dime a dozen, but this is my blog and I want to rant. Where to start? How about 7 months ago.

Generally, we love travelling east from Halifax (once we’ve skipped over Cape Breton & Newfoundland). However, that generally means an overnight flight which we hate. The good news is that we have lots and lots of Aeroplan points. They are worth their weight in gold for acquiring Business Class seats for this kind of travel. And most Business Class travel on overnight seats provides a sleeping pod that allows you to stretch out and get a real sleep.  So about 7 months ago we booked business class seats to Heathrow and then on to Lisbon. We adjusted our travel dates in order to acquire the seats, requiring us to travel for an extra day or two than we wanted. However, it was worth it. True, the extra leg room is valued. The choice of hot meals is nice. The glass of wine is fine. And the extra baggage allowance has value. But the golden prize is that for 5 hours from Halifax to London, you get to do it lying down. (I know many people do it lying down, but for 5 hours? People get real. We’re talking about flying here.). So after giving up a gazillion Aeroplan points, we booked the extra hotel rooms we needed, booked off the extra days and put it on the calendar.

Fast forward 7 months. We are due to fly out on Sunday night at 11:40. We spend most of Saturday and all day Sunday with last minute items getting ready to go. A friend has offered to drive us to the airport @ 9:00 (Thanks Jen!) and we have emptied out the kitchen of everything except a light meal to eat before we leave. Just before final shut down of all things electronic , a ping alerts me to a new email. It is from Air Canada.  I will quote it in part. “Part of your itinerary has been CANCELLED. (Their caps.) Unfortunately, we were unable to rebook you on another flight.” That’s it. And then it goes on to give me a web site to access and a phone number to call. It turns out that the part of the itinerary cancelled was the flight from Halifax to London, a rather important part of the journey. Think about this for a moment. For more than 7 months this airplane was scheduled to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. With us and a hundred other people on it. And then, 4 and a half hours before departure, it is cancelled. Not delayed, not rescheduled, not crashed in the ocean. Just……… cancelled. No explanation, not even a bald faced lie. Just……… cancelled.

I try to log on to the web site to rebook. It apparently has been cancelled as well and I’m denied entry. (A theme that will repeat itself.) So I call the 1-800 number, where I am immediately and repeatedly advised that my business is important to them and that they will be with me right away. Eventually a representative came off her break and deigned to speak with me. I explained the problem and she proceeds to look for some alternatives. There is no apology. No fake sympathy. No explanation. When I asked her the reason for the cancellation she denied any knowledge of why. She said it was just…….. cancelled. Our original routing had us flying overnight on Sunday and after a 2 hour layover in London arriving in Lisbon in the early afternoon of Monday. Her first offer of a re-route had us leaving Halifax on Sunday night (if we could scramble for a 9:30 flight). We would overnight in Ottawa, fly somewhere the next day and overnight on the plane the next night, arriving on Tuesday. I think it was Tuesday. It might have been Wednesday. But it certainly wasn’t Monday. After my astonished response she assured me that there might be other options. We finally settled on something that would leave Monday afternoon for Toronto, where we would have an almost 5 hour layover and then overnight direct to Lisbon, arriving on Tuesday. When I asked her if that was Business Class, she assured me that she’d procured Premium Class seats together for which she seemed quite proud and paused waiting for me to gush my thanks. I was not familiar with Premium Class but it sounded a little Businessy and maybe even First Classy, so we said fine, we’d take it. We then settled down to enjoy our light meal, walk around our packed suitcases, remake the stripped bed, and wonder where we were going to find milk and juice for breakfast, having thrown everything spoilable out.

Monday. The next day was not very productive as we put in time leading to our late afternoon flight. Our friend who was going to drive us to the airport on Sunday night drops us off for the 5:30 flight to Toronto. (Thanks again, Jen!). Things run fairly smoothly. Upon check in we ask what happened to the Sunday night flight. They don’t know. It was just……. cancelled. We find ourselves in Toronto and make our way to the Maple Leaf Lounge to spend the next 4 hours. We were entitled to use the lounge  because of the Business Class tickets we had used a gazillion points for. When we checked in there was some hesitation because we were displaying a Premium Class boarding pass. This planted the first seed of doubt that Premium Class might be neither Businessy or First Classy. But after checking the file they agreed that the booking was a Business Class ticket and we were welcomed in. (At this point I have to pause and emphasize that the Air Canada representative confirmed from our boarding pass and our flight file that we were flying to Lisbon that night. This is important as you will soon see.)

So we settle in for a long wait. Start reading some books, charging some electronics etc..  After an hour or so, I remember a piece of mail that I had intended to mail from the Halifax airport. It wasn’t that important a piece of mail but I had some extra time and was looking for a diversion. I asked the Air Canada agent in the lounge where the closest mail box was and she advised me that it was in the main terminal on the other side of security. I confirmed with her that if I went out to mail the letter, I’d be able to re-enter through security and that my boarding pass and passport would be sufficient. Yes. I let Claire know of my plan, and exited through the security doors about 20 feet from the lounge.

The mail box was a little farther away than I remembered but that’s fine. In fact it was up past the International Departures area. Hmm. International. As I walked back to the security area from which I had departed, I walked  by a horrendous line up for International Departures (Double hmm, International), breathing a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to deal with that. I arrive at security and display my boarding pass and passport and was promptly turned away. I was told that this was domestic departures and my boarding pass was for international departures only. My protestation that my wife was sitting in the lounge inside with all of our carry-on luggage fell on deaf ears and I was asked (told actually) to take it up with the Air Canada agent “over there”. The agent appealed on my behalf but had no better luck than I. He then walked me back to the Air Canada ticket counter and handed me off to an agent who couldn’t understand why I had been in the domestic departures lounge when I was waiting to depart on an international flight. I replied that if I had known there was a different lounge I would have been waiting in it and wouldn’t the Air Canada agent in the lounge know the difference? She allowed that you would think so, but in any case here we were. What to do? She said the only course of action was for Claire to pick up all the luggage and also depart the area whereupon we would then have to re-enter security through the International security. How would we accomplish that? She would call the lounge, have her paged and thrown the hell out. (My words not hers) So five minutes later I was talking to a bewildered Claire, telling her to pick up all of our belongings, and leave the lounge and the secure area. Which she did. This was sounding less and less Premiumy all the time. So shortly, we were reunited and heading for the International Departures. Ah  yes, the horrendous line up. We proceeded to spend the next 75 minutes kicking our luggage along the slowest line up in the world.  That’s not quite true. We could recall a slower line up several years ago leaving New Delhi airport in mayhem. In fact I think I recognized a couple of the screeners from that night. Maybe not. We were now beginning to worry that we might not have enough time to get back in through security to catch our flight. But not to worry; there were 4 or 5 Air Canada agents there to expedite things. However, other than scurry around and talk to each other on walkie talkies, I’m not sure exactly what they did, other than pull families with young kids out of line and expedite them. It seemed like we might have enough time to create our own young kids and get expedited ourselves but then remembered; um, never mind.

Finally we got through and managed to make the flight in time. We arrived at the gate to meet four travelling companions from Halifax (who you will be introduced to later) who wondered where we had been. Now let me review. If Air Canada had advised us that we were entering the domestic lounge in error, some two and a half hours earlier, we would have had a leisurely 10 minute walk and a leisurely 2 hour relaxing period. But that leisure was just ……. cancelled.

Oh well, water under the bridge. All that remains now is to get on the plane, wait for takeoff to have the bed turned down and settle in for the night. We’re in Zone 1 of course, so we get to board early. However, as we board the plane our sleeping pods are nowhere to be seen. In fact our seats just look like…. seats. They are in a separate section than the rest of the plane though. Which is nice. It takes me awhile to figure out exactly how Premium differed from Economy. What you get is the inch or two of leg room that the airlines took away a few years ago. And you get a blanket. And you get a pillow. And that’s about it. So basically, Premium is what Economy was before Economy was something else. Sub-Economy? This was so not worth a gazillion points! And to add insult to injury, of course, this was a much longer flight being Toronto to Lisbon rather than Halifax to London. So the restless night ensued. Instead of 5 hours of sore necks, sore backs and cold feet, we had almost 7.

But we made it. We were sore. We were bone tired. We were a day late (paying for our non refundable hotel room) but they did get us there safely. I give all the credit in the world to Air Canada. They do usually land safely. Oh I forgot. We did have a “continental breakfast” included. I’ve attached a picture of the entire array of choices. The entire array of choices.


So I’ve decided to take action. The usual proclamation is to say “I’ll never fly Air Canada again” However, I have all these Aeroplan points to use. So I think I’ll say it but not mean it. Like everybody else. Also I’ll write a letter. A blistering letter. They’ve probably never received a letter of complaint like this before and I imagine that within 48 hours I’ll receive a personal phone call from a chief executive apologizing,  crediting me a gazillion points and maybe a couple of free passes anywhere Air Canada promises to (but doesn’t ) fly. I’m going to delay sending the letter until we get home so that I’ll be there to take the call.

In the meantime we’re in Portugal and our trip has begun.

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Heading to Europe

Claire and I are on our way to Portugal and on to France. It looks like a pretty diverse trip. We hope to post from time to time.  So if you have really nothing better to do, you might want to look in once a week or so for the next 5 weeks.

This site organization is a little ragged. As usual it was left to the last minute for organizing and have run out of time. We’ll try to make up with the content.

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The Last Post.

This is the final official post of our Africa Trip. There are no more trip blogs posted but there is some material added under the Bonus Material Tab. Hover your mouse over that and select from the drop down.

We are going to use the site for future travel projects. If you’ve subscribed to this site to follow us in Africa only, you might want to unsubscribe. Or you can unsubscribe later if it gets more annoying than it already has been.

We hope you’ve enjoyed being part of our trip.

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Home at Last

We finally made it. After almost a month of travel we’re back in Canada and loving it.

Under the blog notes you’ll see the last two posts, one for Kruger and one for the last week of the trip as we made our way back to Cape Town Airport.

Don’t worry. There will be one more post! We’re going to include some bonus material and left over stuff. It should all be posted by next weekend (the 15th of Dec.) If you’re the least bit interested you can check in then.

When we arrived home there were flowers delivered to the house from our travel agent. Claire didn’t miss a beat when the delivery guy called and asked if Gerald Stewart was going to be home for a delivery. (Thanks Mel. For everything.)

Welcome home!

Welcome home!

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South Africa Reprise

We’ve left Zambia and headed back to South Africa. You can check out the posts regarding Zambia in the trip blog at

Should have Kruger Safariing posted by Friday night and the last leg done this weekend. Looking forward to getting home.

Tim's on safari

Tim’s on safari

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On The Move

We’re making some progress around Southern Africa. Internet is finally allowing us easier posts. We’re getting a little behind our real time travels though. Hope to be caught up by the weekend.

Gerald Stewart & Companion

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Africa Bound

We’ll be using this site to post our travel information as we make our way to South Africa and beyond. The site itself is a little rough around the edges but should smooth out a little bit as we check back in and make some changes. If you want to follow along on any part of our trip please feel free. You can ask to be advised of updates automatically by checking the boxes on to the right. Don’t hesitate to make comments ask questions etc by clicking on “make a comment” at the bottom of each post.

To follow the trip, hover your mouse over the TRIP BLOG tab and select the day you want to read about from the drop down menu.

UPDATE: Pictures are starting to come on- line.

Alan & Claire.

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