Author’s Interview

This is the entire interview with the blog’s author. Learn what inspired him and how he managed to put it all together.

6 Responses to Author’s Interview

  1. The wife says:

    The authors wife is not sure this is bonus material.

  2. Linda says:

    I liked this(even though I tend to agree with the wife), Couldn’t remember my password so had to put it here.
    Two thumbs up for the presentation of the whole blog. You are a very good writer!!

  3. Shawna Huntley says:

    I work with your Travel Agent Mel Stewart…she shared this with me and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of your blog…at one point I was in tears laughing. Thanks for sharing your journey. What great experiences you had!!!

  4. name w/d to protect the innocent says:

    Alan this was truly an amazing read, entertaining, educational, and hilarious at the same time. I felt like I was there in some of the videos, and wished I was. High school you say, they didn’t have those courses in Cape Breton where I attended high school but yes we did learn to drink beer in CB! Okay, so I am now living vicariuosly through my friends! It is not surprising that you met some great people on your travels, Africia is not for the faint of heart for sure, but it is a beautiful country with beautiful people and you found and shared a great adventure. Thanks!

    • Alan Barnett says:

      To name w/d to protect the innocent: Thanks for your kind words. Anonymous compliments are always a litte suspect, but the Cape Breton reference kind of gives it away. Appreciate it, partner.

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